A candidate must be
a woman who is:

between the ages of 21 and 45

a baptized and practicing Catholic for
at least two years before affiliacy

in good canonical standing in the Roman
Catholic Church (if previously married,
must have an annulment)

single, with no dependents, and
willing to live a celibate lifestyle

capable of and willing to make a
lifetime commitment

generally in good physical and
psychological health

a high school graduate with the
willingness and capacity to engage
in further education

free of serious financial debts and
obligations. Negotiation regarding
educational debts is possible.

a U.S. citizen or eligible for permanent
resident status before final vows




Who Would Do Well with the Ursulines?


We look for those who are able to…

Live a Life Centered in Prayer

We look for signs of:
    · a relationship with God
    · some involvement in the sacramental life of the Church
    · readiness to grow spiritually

Live in Community

We look for signs of:
    · healthy relationships with peers and others
    · a sense of humor
    · effective communication skills
    · an ability to live with conflict and ambiguity

Live Celibately

We look for signs of:
    · an ability to develop and maintain wholesome friendships with men and women
    · an ability to embrace solitude, deal with loneliness and not become isolated
    · inclusivity in relationships

Live Simply

We look for signs of:
    · an ability to share material goods
    · an awareness of and empathy with those who have less
    · the desire to be free from consumerism

Live a Life of Obedience

We look for signs of:
    · a healthy attitude toward authority
    · an ability to make decisions and to accept responsibility for them
    · openness to the role of the Holy Spirit in decision making

Live a Life of Ministry

We look for signs of:
    · a desire to serve
    · active involvement in parish or campus ministry or other community service
    · generosity and a “can do” approach to helping others